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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Recent updates

From the Cape Breton Living website

Hello 2014… Cheers to a brand new year folks!  What better time to tell you about a couple recent changes done on the Cape Breton Living website. First, on the Photo of the Week page, the last 3 week’s photos were added and are conveniently posted below the current Photo of the Week. So if you missed the last week’s photo or just wish to see them again, they are right there just a click away. 
Another change to the website is the URL you type in the address bar. The correct address is , If you find yourself using other URLs like “vhost1…” or “stpeterscable…”, you might then be re-directed or end up on a page that doesn’t exist. Best thing to do is go to and once on the website, you may bookmark it for future reference.
One more thing, it’s not exactly new, but on the Webcam pages and the Photo of the Week page, there’s a comment box for you to share your thoughts with other viewers. The next time you visit the website and you have time to spare, we’d love to hear from you!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Dear Photograph

Dear Photograph,
Back in the days when the lawn didn’t get mowed and time was moving slowly, we would just sit in the tall grass, full of clover enjoying the Nova Scotia breeze. Fifty years later, that same young lad is now mowing the same lawn that once brought him and I so much pleasure, just from sitting there, relaxed and carefree, among all the clover.

My "picture of a picture of the past in the present" was selected on July 8, 2012. You can check it out, among all the other archived pictures on the Dear Photograph website:
Love this idea!

There is also Dear Photograph the Book, a visual treat of 256-pages, that would sit nicely on  any coffee table. It's been available since May 2012.