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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Where my Father Was Standing

Photo of the Week September 27, 2013

The Cape Breton Living Photo of the Week for September 27, 2013 is of where my father might have been standing when he was in Cape Breton back in 1942-43 during WW2. All I know is that he came over from Mulgrave on the ferry to Port Hawkesbury for a visit and that the photo was taken nearby where the ferry came in with the automobiles. As the years went by and with the opening of the Canso Causeway, the area has changed, like the background and along the railroad tracks. Looking at the photo (Photo of the Week photo), I’m thinking that the old photo might have been taken further south along the train tracks with maybe Point Tupper in the background? The next photo is where I think might be the right place.

Another photo from the same visit is of him posing in front of a large sign saying “PORT HAWKESBURY WELCOMES YOU TO CAPE BRETON ISLAND”.  This sign was set in front of the Baptist Church on Granville Street for the tourists arriving on the island by the automobile ferries until the opening of the Canso Causeway on May 20th, 1955.  
Soon after this day visit, my father returned home to Aylmer Quebec to later get married and raise a family in Ottawa. Looking back, I know my father never knew that decades later he would come back to this lovely island to visit a daughter of his who met and married a Cape Bretoner and later made this island her home…

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sunday drive to Chéticamp

Sunday morning 6:49am. The sun was just coming up in the sky and looked like a perfect day for a Sunday drive. By 7:30am, we got in the car and headed out for Chéticamp, a nice little drive to the other side of Cape Breton Island. First we stopped in Port Hawkesbury for breakfast at The Country Kitchen Restaurant. Leaving satisfied on a full stomach, we headed for Highway 19, through Port Hood, where I got out for only a few minutes to take a couple of pictures then drove right through Mabou, Inverness and many small communities. In Dunvegan we took the shore road to Margaree Harbour, over the new bridge to Belle Cote and then Cheticamp. Once there, we stopped at Tim Horton's for a much needed hot cup of coffee. The weather wasn't too bad, a cool 15-17 celcius and a few scattered grey clouds. On the way back, we took the highway going through the Margarees, then onto the Trans-Canada and back to Port Hawkesbury where we picked up a few things at the Superstore before heading back home.