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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Recent updates

From the Cape Breton Living website

Hello 2014… Cheers to a brand new year folks!  What better time to tell you about a couple recent changes done on the Cape Breton Living website. First, on the Photo of the Week page, the last 3 week’s photos were added and are conveniently posted below the current Photo of the Week. So if you missed the last week’s photo or just wish to see them again, they are right there just a click away. 
Another change to the website is the URL you type in the address bar. The correct address is , If you find yourself using other URLs like “vhost1…” or “stpeterscable…”, you might then be re-directed or end up on a page that doesn’t exist. Best thing to do is go to and once on the website, you may bookmark it for future reference.
One more thing, it’s not exactly new, but on the Webcam pages and the Photo of the Week page, there’s a comment box for you to share your thoughts with other viewers. The next time you visit the website and you have time to spare, we’d love to hear from you!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Where my Father Was Standing

Photo of the Week September 27, 2013

The Cape Breton Living Photo of the Week for September 27, 2013 is of where my father might have been standing when he was in Cape Breton back in 1942-43 during WW2. All I know is that he came over from Mulgrave on the ferry to Port Hawkesbury for a visit and that the photo was taken nearby where the ferry came in with the automobiles. As the years went by and with the opening of the Canso Causeway, the area has changed, like the background and along the railroad tracks. Looking at the photo (Photo of the Week photo), I’m thinking that the old photo might have been taken further south along the train tracks with maybe Point Tupper in the background? The next photo is where I think might be the right place.

Another photo from the same visit is of him posing in front of a large sign saying “PORT HAWKESBURY WELCOMES YOU TO CAPE BRETON ISLAND”.  This sign was set in front of the Baptist Church on Granville Street for the tourists arriving on the island by the automobile ferries until the opening of the Canso Causeway on May 20th, 1955.  
Soon after this day visit, my father returned home to Aylmer Quebec to later get married and raise a family in Ottawa. Looking back, I know my father never knew that decades later he would come back to this lovely island to visit a daughter of his who met and married a Cape Bretoner and later made this island her home…

Friday, March 8, 2013

The Cabot Trail Road Trip

Photo of the Week: Pleasant Bay on the Cabot Trail
This week's photo for March 8, 2013 was taken while we set out for a day road trip around our lovely island of Cape Breton. We started off the trip by making our way to Port Hastings where we had a hearty breakfast then on to Route 19 to drive the Cabot Trail in a clockwise direction. Not much snow in the fields until we reached the Cape Breton Highlands National Park all the way through St Ann's, Sydney and Big Pond on highway 4. It looks like the north part of the island kept most of its snow while in the south half of the island, most of the snow has melted away and showing signs of spring instead. That's ok too. It was a good day for our trip, the roads were bare and the scenery up in the mountains looked spectacular with snow covered trees,  just like we drove into another world. 

Friday, February 24, 2012

February 2012

Photos of the Week on Cape Breton Island for February 2012

Photo of the Week February 24, 2012 - St Peter's. Driving in on Highway 4 from Sydney you see on the left the Provincial Building and on the right is the St Peter's Visitor Information Centre. This photo was taken after last week's sowstorm. 

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Photo of the Week milestone

A photo a week for 10 years!

It was one Friday in November 2001 when the idea of sharing one photo a week of Cape Breton Island came to mind. Everywhere I went, I always carried my camera and everywhere you look there's a picture perfect occasion to capture a slice of Nova Scotia's Masterpiece, Cape Breton Island.  

Sunday, June 5, 2011

With all this rain

Cape Breton Living's Photo of the Week, June 3, 2011. With all the rain we've been getting in L'Ardoise lately, the grass is turning a bright green. Again today, we are having drizzly weather and I'm sure the grass is even greener. But if we could get warmer temperatures and a bit more sunshine, maybe those little buds in the trees will bring out more of that green colour...

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Photo of the Week February 4, 2011 - L'Ardoise
It wasn't an easy task to make a selection of just one photo from the many cool wintry shots I have in my collection. After the second snow storm in two days, I couldn't resist but to get out there, with camera in hand and click away, finding a picture perfect scene all around me. You'll find this first photo as the Photo of the Week on Cape Breton Living website. I'm also sharing with you more wintry shots of wintertime in L'Ardoise -

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Photo of the Week June 4, 2010

Last Friday I posted this scene on the Photo of the Week page. I have to mention it's one of my favorite spot for walking. Every summer, my younger sister and her 2 children, come from Ottawa to visit us, using her vacation time to come down to a place that hold dear memories for the last 28 years or so. This is where my sister and the kids love to spend time at least once a day, it being foggy or sunny. Either way they seem to enjoy the peacefulness one gets every time on this path that heads down to the shore or Chapel Cove Rd up above. Soon, they will be here again for another much deserved vacation, on their island getaway of Cape Breton...

Friday, March 13, 2009

Photo of the Week

Today's Photo of the Week on Cape Beton Living is a scenic shot of Chapel Cove Rd in L'Ardoise. The day was a bright and mild one, feeling the spring is in the air! One more week from today spring will be upon us once again. While up on the hill, in the fields where we can see miles all around, something else caught my eye besides this picturesque coastal view. Way out in the distance, a loud rumble was getting louder until this large helicopter came flying right over my head. Two Maritime air squadrons are in Cape Breton this week conducting joint training exercises. This is one of six CH-149 Cormorant helicopters that was training in Cape Breton on Wednesday March 11th. It's usually quiet in L'Ardoise, with only the sounds of the wind, seagulls and the passings cars and trucks, so seeing this monster helicopter circling in our skies, was something see.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Photo of the Week

The Photo of the Week on Cape Breton Living for March 6, 2009 is a wintry shot of a deer just off Chapel Cove Road in L'Ardoise. This wonderful photo was taken by Jamie Boulet of L'Ardoise. Many mornings I walked this road, have been for the last few years and only once have I seen a deer along the shore on this part of Chapel Cove Road. Another time, I did see a doe and her young from my front room window, walking down the path heading towards the shore. Deer tracks are visible in the sand on the beach and along the paths, so I know there are deer making their way along the shore and heading inland into the forest. I just never get the timing right as to getting a glimse of the beautiful animals when they happen to be passing through. Thank you Jamie for capturing this photo, it's a good thing you had your camera handy with you at the time!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Photo of the Week

Canadian Idols Theo Tams, Drew Wright & Mitch Macdonald at the Membertou Trade & Convention Centre in Sydney. Today's Photo of the Week is from Jamie Boulet

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Photo of the Week

Photo of the Week January 16, 2009. Walking on a cold January day I snapped this shot on Chapel Cove Rd in L'Ardoise. The temperature wasn't actually all that bad, a mild minus 4-5 Celsius. The cold snap hit us a couple of days later.