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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Paving the bridge

A year ago, the old bridge on the shore road was finally torn down and replaced. The new little bridge turned out beautifully, but it was left unpaved with only gravel at each end. By the end of the winter, getting on and off the bridge was a challenge with the huge ruts left in the gravel. Soon anyone passing through would need a four-wheel drive to get across! Finally after a year, we can travel across as if we are floating ontop of the bridge. Now if we could get the rest of Chapel Cove Road repaired ...

Friday, March 6, 2009

Photo of the Week

The Photo of the Week on Cape Breton Living for March 6, 2009 is a wintry shot of a deer just off Chapel Cove Road in L'Ardoise. This wonderful photo was taken by Jamie Boulet of L'Ardoise. Many mornings I walked this road, have been for the last few years and only once have I seen a deer along the shore on this part of Chapel Cove Road. Another time, I did see a doe and her young from my front room window, walking down the path heading towards the shore. Deer tracks are visible in the sand on the beach and along the paths, so I know there are deer making their way along the shore and heading inland into the forest. I just never get the timing right as to getting a glimse of the beautiful animals when they happen to be passing through. Thank you Jamie for capturing this photo, it's a good thing you had your camera handy with you at the time!