Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Webcams are back on..

We're back on track, the webcams are updating once again... on the Cape Breton Living website.

West view webcam

Here is a still shot of the west view webcam taken this morning. You might have noticed that the webcams on the Cape Breton Living website has not updated since yesterday at 11:55am. I'm hoping to have this problem resolved soon, so in the meantime, I will post an updated image of the cams here in the blog.   

Monday, May 30, 2011

Around the yard

Today, the sun finally came out after weeks of rain, drizzle, fog, wind and early this morning, thundershowers. In the last few weeks, well for all of our spring season so far, we might have enjoyed 4 or 5 full days where the sun did make an appearance. So finally when the clouds and the fog cleared up by late afternoon today, I grabbed my camera and got busy out in the yard snapping pictures of that beautiful warm sunshine making everything look so bright and colourful. My lilac tree (or is it a bush) needed this bit of sunshine. Soon I'll be able to enjoy a freshly picked bouquet of these purple flowers on my kitchen table. I'm hoping that the month of June will bring more sunny days than rainy and foggy ones...