Saturday, March 20, 2010

Internet is down

Since early this morning, March 20th, the internet connection has been down. Because of this, the webcam on the Cape Breton Living website hasn't been updating every 5 seconds like it is scheduled to do. I was able to connect through dial-up and managed to occasionally send an image of the webcam throughout the day. Hopefully the internet connection will be restored soon. I'm just realizing how painfully slow working with dial-up connection really is!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Trip around the Cabot Trail

Took a trip around the Cabot Trail yesterday. Although spring is not officially here yet, it was beautiful mild day with temperatures of 5-6c. We left from Sydney, where only patches of snow was showing here and there on lawns and parking lots. Spring was definitely in the air! We started the trip via Seal Island Bridge, Kelly's Mountain then St Ann's Bay, Cape Smokey, Ingonish and up around Big Intervale,  through Cheticamp and the Margarees and back on the Trans Canada to Sydney. You can say we did the trail counter-clockwise.  The photos up above are taken on the northern tip of the Cabot Trail in the Highlands.  The snow banks on North Mountain had to be at least ten feet high. This time of the year, I don't usually look for snow, but I was in total awe with the the beautiful snow covered scenery around us. Since we didn't get much snow all winter around home, this was a pleasant change. Now I am looking forward to spring and summer...

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Friday morning

Early friday morning, just before 6:45am, these beautiful creatures were taking a stroll along the shore road, heading for the field and forest further up, away from the seashore.   In the shot you can see five deer, but I believe there was another one ahead in the front. This shot was "Photo of the Week" on the Cape Breton Living website this friday. 

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The eagle is back

A sure sign that the winter is almost over and that spring is just around the corner. This morning, just another cloudy, drizzly and windy day, I spotted the magnificent bald eagle, back again after the long winter months to do some fishing in the pond. The ice is breaking up, giving the eagle a great opportunity to pluck an eel from the water in the pond.